The Strong Society

The Strong Society: An Introduction

The Strong Society is an organization dedicated to defending the principles of a strong, Western society. This means analyzing and cultivating the best of Western civilization and refusing to surrender it to its enemies.

Fundamentally, the way to build a strong society is to focus and develop these core ideas, explained in detail on our Mission Statement page:

  • Natural Values. We live in an unnatural age where weakness and sacrifice are valued over strength and success. We believe in natural values, including family, legacy, dignity, justice, and power.
  • Open Conversation. Ideas should not be censored. Censorship inflames those it wishes to censor and creates a backlash. Only open discussion helps strengthen society.
  • Conservative Politics. A strong society requires strong institutions and strong, gradual reforms. Don’t confuse our conservatism with populism. They are different concepts.
  • Human Prosperity. Most are motivated by short-term comfort. We, however, welcome aggressive economic growth and prosperity, including the coming economic changes with robotics and AI.
  • Financial Success. If you want to protect your family, defend your country’s philosophy, and achieve your personal goals, then start by learning how to build wealth. It’s basic–but vital. Life is easier with wealth.

In the end, this project is about ideas. But to achieve these ideas, we might use any number of project types. Non-profit think tanks, for-profit websites, personal newsletters, invitation-only events — all of these projects and organizational structure types still exist to help achieve the ideas mentioned above.