The Strong Society

Conservative Job Openings

The Strong Society is a new network of projects defending the principles of the Western tradition. Projects include books on philosophy, news alert services, and conservative analysis.

Job Openings

We currently have several job and freelance opportunities:

  • Conservative News Writer. Do you have a strong command of English? Do you have a strong understanding of conservative politics? Are you worried about the rise of Islamo-fascism and social-justice radicalism? If so, this might be a great fit for you.
  • Conservative News Editor. Do you have a strong command of English? Do you automatically mentally edit articles that you stumble across on Facebook? Do you know how to structure a good argument for conservative ideas? If so, this might be a great fit for you.
  • Full-Stack Developer. We’re looking to hire a full-stack developer who has a strong background in WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (specifically React). We need someone who can help guide projects, work with outsourced developer teams, and do some programming on their own.


Compensation in our projects varies. Check with us to get specific numbers.


We have an intense culture based on excellence and dedication. We don’t have much empathy for millennial corporate values or culture. In general, employees either quickly thrive or move on to other businesses. It’s nothing personal.

We’re fiercely proud of the projects we run. Our work is an extension of our identities, and we only want to work with people who have the same approach to life.


If you do well in your role and receive little negative feedback, check with management to see if there are advancement opportunities for you. Chances are, we can work something out.

In previous projects, entry-level workers sometimes found themselves advanced within months to management positions. This is a merit-based culture.