The Strong Society

The Strong Society Mission Statement

The Strong Society is an organization dedicated to defending Western civilization in its eternal war against those who wish to topple it, whether they work from an Ivy League classroom or a Syrian mosque.

This is our mission statement and explanation of our fundamental principles, values, and motivations.

We Are At War

Fundamentally, all men are at war with all men. But on a collective level, some groups have more specific enemies than others. For us, we identify with functional, strong, Western civilization.

We are at war against these specific radical groups and ideas.

  • We are at war against the radical leftists who seek to romanticize victimhood, interpret all strength as oppression, and invert our most fundamental moral codes. We desire strong society.
  • We are against the censorship of “dangerous ideas,” because the most dangerous idea of all is that ideas should be controlled without proper discussion. We desire strong, open conversation.
  • We are at war against the dishonest mainstream media which seeks to lie, manipulate, and confuse our people. We desire strong platforms for alternative media.
  • We are at war against the radical Islamists who seek to enslave and oppress anyone who believes in freedom of religion, equality for women, or basic human decency. We desire strong civil liberty.
  • We are at war against an emasculated culture that deems natural masculine impulses to protect and provide as oppressive and crude. We desire strong gender patterns.
  • We are at war against globalism and believe societies deserve the right of self-determination. We desire strong sovereignty.
  • We are at war against “pathetic populism” and the notion there is something admirable in being mediocre and relatable. We desire strong character.

What We Do Not Believe

We live in an age of misinformation. Almost anyone who disagrees with us will likely try to slander and misinterpret what our goals and views are. To save time, here is what we do NOT believe.

  • We are not seeking to return to any “golden age,” because there was never a pure time. The desire for a functional society isn’t based on delusions of a perfect past or future, but a desire to optimize the present.
  • We are not seeking special treatment for any group over others. We desire equality under the law. Only through procedural equality can prosperity last for long.
  • We are not seeking a society where only the wealthy are free. Only a society with a strong, accessible, healthy middle class can last for long.
  • We are not seeking a society with any intentional ethnic lines. Human prosperity is for all people, so long as they adhere to the principles of a strong culture with the right values.
  • We are not seeking to limit the rights of citizens. We are seeking to maximize the protection of those rights, including — and especially — civil rights and liberties.

Our Core Principles

Fundamentally, this means the organization is dedicated to furthering our core principles, in no particular order:

  • Natural Values. Natural values are those values that are built into man’s fundamental psyche. The desire for family, legacy, dignity, justice, and power are all examples of natural values.
  • Open Conversation. Open conversation is the idea that conversations must be open and free of censorship. It’s nearly as important for platforms like social networks to allow freedom of speech as it is for Congress to allow freedom of the press.
  • Conservative Politics. Strong societies require robust institutions. This is an inherently conservative idea, and this is an inherently conservative movement.
  • Human Prosperity. An extension of natural values mentioned above is a desire for basic human prosperity. We want to see humanity do as well as possible. That means we’re pro-growth, pro-innovation, and pro-“futurism,” in the sense that we welcome a prosperous future and necessarily aren’t afraid of AI, robotics, or the future economy.
  • Financial Success. In order to achieve almost any human value, financial success is required on some level. Populist thought says money is largely meaningless, but this isn’t true. If you want to defend your family, educate your children the best way possible, and help the conservative movement, then start with this: become financially successful. Learn to build wealth and life becomes easier.

The Future Projects

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The Founders

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