The Strong Society

The Projects

The Strong Society is an umbrella brand for a collection of projects. In other words, while we are acting to further the goals of this organization, we will be spending our time working on other organizations that are part of the network.

Current Projects:

  • The Emperor’s Code (Book). Imagine if the greatest leader in the history of civilization penned down his secret thoughts and keys to success every night. This actually happened. This book is about Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and his diary called “Meditations.”
  • The Strong Society (Book). There are many books explaining arguments on specific issues. What we need, though, is a book that explains what concepts, values, and overall strategies civilized people need to defend civilization itself — from foreign and domestic enemies. That is explained in The Strong Society.

Future Projects:

  • Imagine a philosophical breakthrough that allowed you to nearly always know exactly what to think, how to feel, and how to get what you want out of life. That’s what philosophy should be for, and that’s what natural values philosophy explains.
  • Human beings are inherently strategic. If you don’t understand strategy, then you will waste nearly all of your life for no reason. Learning strategy is something everyone should do, regardless of one’s station in life.
  • We live in an age of hyper modernism as a reaction to the postmodern collapse of Enlightenment-era philosophies. To understand what’s going on around you, then you must understand postmodernism and its role in revolutionizing everything.
  • Wealth building is surprisingly simple, yet almost no institution correctly teaches it almost anywhere. This is odd. The Wealth Building Institute exists to fill this educational gap and change society through financial education.
  • Politics is an inherent part of the human experience. We are all in eternal war. The Conservative Institute picks a side and goes to war in the battle of information. It exists to explain conservative interpretations of the news in the most viral, honest manner possible.
  • There is almost no platform for “nuanced” conservative commentary that is worth reading. The National Standard exists to provide this platform. This project seeks to be what National Review Online should have been.